Day 81

As usual a disturbed nights sleep, waking after about 4 hours and feeling very restless. After a few hours I doze off again.

At last!  I change my bag at the time of my choosing rather than have it forced on me by a leak. This one lasted 28 hrs. Now, whatever I did on this one I shall need to do for the rest of my life! Now there is a thought. Would be nice to get a bag to 36 hrs to give me greater scope.

I need to get a few things so Lesley takes me to Sainsbury’s then an out of town Boots.  The Sainsbury’s is the usual soulless superstore but it has what I want to I can’t complain. The Boots was a disappointment and most of the useful stuff I need has been squeezed out by beauty products and trinkets. I make a note that next time I need a pharmacy I go to a pharmacy, not Boots.

We get home and I start to feel very tired. A reminder that I do not have a great deal of reserve energy. I doze in the rocking chair.

I am looking forward to watching the Rugby at 5:15pm, the Dragons are playing the Champions, Leinster. So ‘looking forward’ is a bit of a stretch I guess!! For some unaccountable reason, however, Premier Sports is delaying broadcast until 9.45 despite apparently having a channel free. What a rip off. So much for every game ‘live’ this is just a delayed broadcast. So much for pay-to-view TV.