Day 80

I awake at about 5:30am and despite getting up for a drink I am unable to get back to sleep.  Which is just as well for about 6:30 I am aware one again of some dampness.  Sure enough the stoma bag seal has leaked.  This is the third in a row and I cannot believe that things are still going wrong. I get up to change the bag.  At least I am getting plenty of practice and I can now do a change in under 10mins!

It looks like the seal has failed where it crosses the main would from the operation.  This is still very rough with bits of dried glue and puckered skin. At least there is a reason and I have learned to pay special attention to this area.  For a while I shall look at changing my bag more frequently – another lesson learned. I MUST get on top of this.

Later that day a birthday present arrives for my brother and as it is well ahead of the delivery date I am very pleased.  Slightly later comes the latest Yo Yo Ma recording of the Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites.  I have been so looking forward to this.

Finally the biggest surprise of all.  A toy box arrives full of presents apparently wrapped in Christmas paper!  It is from the guys at Combined Knowledge and is a cornucopia of gifts ranging from books, a model railway jigsaw to a joke ‘adult pack’ and a generous gift token.  It must have taken then ages to select and wrap these things, let alone the generous cost.