Day 79

I am still waking at about 3:30am and finding it difficult to get back to sleep. As usual this morning I get up, go downstairs and pour myself a drink from the fridge.  I often take the opportunity to grab some paracetamol to relax any muscle aches.

This morning as I am prising out a tablet from the foil backing tab of six, I need to press a little harder. Suddenly the tab, now loaded like a spring, shoots free and ricochets off some CDs narrowly missing my ear!  Their recovery will have to wait until morning. Tiring of recreating scenes from Spaghetti Westerns in my living room in the early hours I grab some other paracetamol tablets and crawl upstairs back to bed.

I sleep well for a few hours.

In the afternoon Lesley redressed my drain wound for me and we discover that it is still not really healing. The bag problems, drain wound and other small irritating issues are starting to weigh on my mind. I decide that tomorrow I would start seeking advice. I really feel as though I could make good progress if it weren’t for these problems holding me back.

My order of Robert Harris’ Munich novel arrives.  I have been a fan of Harris ever since I read his Cicero trilogy eighteen months ago.  I appreciate the way he works, carrying out meticulous historical research, speaking to experts and finding as many original documents as possible.  From this he creates fiction ‘in the gaps’ where we do not, or cannot know, the facts and devises a compellingly realistic story.