Day 78

A fairly unremarkable day for most part until I get to the evening.

I decide to make a start on the model railway and begin cutting and stripping cables preparatory to soldering them to the track. Work is halted by an early dinner as Lesley is off to a meeting. I may have some energy to do a little more.

Then, after Lesley had gone out, another bag leak. I hastily get my stuff together and change the bag. The seal had gone at the top of the bag and I considered the fact that I had not changed it for over two days, it being morning then and evening now, so about 54 hrs. This is a warning about leaving the bag too long. A lesson learned.

The bag changed I go about some tasks such as getting my washing out of the machine. Then!! Another bag leak! Again I arrange my stuff to change the bag. It looks like this one was caused by a tiny wrinkle in the seal which was not watertight. Another lesson. At the cost of two shirts and one pair of trousers now needing to be washed! I guess this is all part f getting to know how things will operate ahead of starting to reintegrate myself into society.  Such leaks are depressing and annoying when alone at home, at work or in company they will be highly embarrassing.

After the stress of the bag leaks I can feel the dreaded fatigue closing in fast – well it is about 8pm now in any case.