Day 77

11 weeks since my cancer diagnosis. Unbelievable.

Today as I wake I feel brighter. Both physically and mentally. True I have slept reasonably well, but there is something more. Yet some of the physical problems such as the continued discharge from the remnants of the drain still trouble me. But ‘brighter’ is the only way to describe it.

Time for another short walk – only 100 yds to the top of the road and back. I go faster and find that I am swinging my legs slightly quicker and slightly further thus lengthening my stride. I can do this without discomfort though I am slightly out of breath when I return home. I’ll go with that. Welcome progress.

I decide to buy myself some things. Firstly, though I order a birthday present for my brother. I am determined to get him something which I shall giftwrap and also send a card. This is a small target for me. After that I really need some new reading material. I toy with HG Wells Sleeper Awakes. It is one of Wells’ books warning of a dysfunctional future and very relevant to today. Although George Orwell get the plaudits I often find Wells is nearer actuality despite writing a few decades ahead of him. But I go for something lighter – Robert Harris Munich. Music? There can be only one selection. Yo yo Ma’s new recording (his 3rd and final he says) of the Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites. I heard part of this on the radio and was completely stopped in my tracks by the artistry, emotional content and high level communication of Ma’s playing. So Bach it is.