Day 76

The Ringtons Tea man called but Lesley was unavailable and I was slow getting organised, so missed him. That is a nuisance as I love Rington’s loose tea. I was also secretly hoping for some of their lovely biscuits.

The drain tap on my bag has failed – blast I was hoping to wait until tomorrow before I changed it. To replace the bag I need to remove it half full which I do with trepidation. But I discover that the bags have a neat and sophisticated method of self-sealing, much like my small ice-cube bags in the freezer!! That’s not so bad and I’ve discovered something valuable.

I decide on a mid afternoon bath. This time I really do stay in for a while leading Lesley to wonder whether I had been washed away. There is something decadent about a long mid-afternoon bath. I guess it offends my protestant ethic – despite being a Humanist. I guess Hedonists can also be Humanists. Maybe a Hedonist work ethic? I suppose that leads to the Philip Green’s and Mike Ashley’s (not to mention Trump’s) of this world!

I have plans for starting work on my model railway but for some reason the day fills with small tasks. Plus I decide to have a proper lie down and sleep for half an hour to prevent my energy levels dropping as low as last night. I am wary of letting the energy levels drop so low that it affects my mental state. I am going to start with soldering the points and making sure they are electrically bullet proof for my lovely tiny Hatton’s 0-4-0 Andrew Barclay Saddle Tank.