Day 75

Three weeks since the operation. Things are now much easier. I am free of pain and discomfort with my freedom of action limited by slow and stiff muscle group centred around the abdomen.  I am not concerned about this considering the punishment they have taken.  But a weaker core inhibits or slows a range of activity including a sense of balance. So I still have to be a little careful moving around.

I decide its time to walk a little further again so, as a few weeks ago, I walk to a small brook 300 yards from my home. Lesley is not available to accompany me until the afternoon by which time the sun has been replaced by a cloudy overcast sky. Simply getting out into a light gusty breeze is lovely. The uphill section of the return walk takes its toll a little but on gaining the top I can continue just as before.

The walk is nevertheless tiring so I listen to some football on the radio – Wales vs Denmark – well, who else?

This evening the acute fatigue is slightly worse and I can feel the energy almost physically draining away after 7:30. By 8pm I am almost as lifeless as a rag doll. I am not certain whether it is the walk or the fact that I try to be active into the evening which has taken it out of me. Maybe I need to go back to longer rest breaks if I am picking up my activity levels.