Day 74

A much more relaxed night.  No freeze or boil ups and I only need to get out of bed at 6am. When I return after getting a drink downstairs I only awake when Lesley gets up.

I watch the second Newport Dragons PRO14 rugby (yep, more Rugby) game on my iPad and it is a sign of my improvement that I am once again involved and critical of the play! To Lesley this is a sign of real progress – she is even happy with me railing from an armchair! This means some energy to spare even if I am wasted afterwards.

I have decided to resume my walks to try to start the long process of building strength and stamina. Only 50 yds to the end of the road on this occasion but the windy atmosphere is lovely against my skin.

At times I have felt tired which is an oddly different feeling from the black fatigue.  Feeling tired means that I feel I can simply doze off in a chair somewhere. With the fatigue I do not have a choice and it starts to make my limbs heavy. I am forced to lie down. I’ll take the tiredness any day! Maybe even the fact that I am starting to feel some good old fashioned tiredness is promising.

My voice still feels a little hoarse, I don’t know what is causing it. It may be that it is taking longer to recover from the anaesthetic than I allowed for.  I feel no other lingering effects.