Day 73

A better day with many small successes.  I phone up my usual pharmacy and ask them to organise my repeat prescription. We’ll see if it works when I get the medicine next week.

I am now able to sort out my clothes and load the washing machine without assistance. With the continuing possibility of a problem staining my clothes I always like to have 2 changes in hand ready to go.  This is brought home again today when a failure of the protective coat on the drain wound dressing results in soiled polo shirt and underpants.

I can now relax in a bath for half an hour letting my pores open. This is almost an unimaginable luxury, especially after the punishment my skin has been taking one way or another. I am wallowing longer and longer as time passes!

TV I am watching involves following the Rugby and tonight Ebbw Vale play Aberavon live.  This is a real throwback to games when I was a child.  There are changes, though. Ebbw Vales are sponsored by high performance sports cars TVR (blimey!) and there is a TMO – TV Match Official (crikey!). Oh, and there is almost no mud on the Eugene Cross Park pitch! That never used to happen and these things almost certainly still do not happen at Tredegar Rec.

The need to change my clothes and clean up means that once again I miss the start of the Tango Prom, this time on BBC4. I seem fated, but thank goodness for iPlayer.