Day 72

Mid morning and at last the call I am waiting for. A stoma nurse should be with me at about 3pm or a little later.

3:15 Home.  The STOMA nurse has arrived as promised and we are just having a quick chat about my gener4al condition before she begins the procedure.  In the end the process is easy, consisting of pulling 2 thin bore tubes from my body. The problem is that these tubes are between one and one and a half feet long and must have been placed close to my kidneys.  The sheer length of the tubes makes me feel a little queasy just as the removal of the drain did.

The nurse completes the task and is on her way. I slump into the chair totally caught out by what was the most benign procedure I have undergone!

The removal of the stents is another tiny step on the path to regaining some semblance of normality. The nurse speculates that it is possible that my body has finally decided the tubes are an unwelcome presence and is trying to eradicate them. Hence some of the strange effects like temperature fluctuations as they treated as an infection.

As is so often the case now my energy levels start to drop after 7pm and plummet after 9pm. It is all I can do to dreg myself upstairs to bed.

I am aware that my blog is becoming more a simple record of events than containing much thought or analysis. But his is how it is at present. When you are up against it then practical considerations dominate.