Day 70

Ten weeks since the cancer diagnosis. How time flies……..

I call the hospital support centre to find out what is going to happen with regards to removing the stents. I get through to the secretary who will chase it up with the nurses.

I start to get dressed and as I am doing so notice a dreadfully familiar damp patch on my shirt and underpants. The dressing on my drain wound is leaking. Lesley redresses it with materials we have available but it is not convincing.

Sure enough the fix lasts less than an hour and I decide to lie down until Lesley can source a more permanent solution.

After half an hour another depressingly familiar damppatch and for the second time my urine bag is leaking. With s heavy heart I change the bag and lie down. Nothing, but nothing, is going right at present. How can life progress like this?

2.55[m and I get a call from the hospital. My caller asks what the problem is and when I explain says she will check with the Stoma nurses – which I thought would happen after the first call.

Lesley arrives home and changes my drain wound dressing.

All this medical stuff is tiring and demoralising.  So it is with great anticipation that I was looking forward to the Tango Prom. If you have followed my blog for a while you will be aware of the love and respect  have for the art of Tango music, especially  Astor Piazzola, Because of all the disruption I missed the first 25 mins but tuned in to hear a terrific Finnish Tango version of Bowie’s Life on Mars