Day 69

A slightly better nights sleep.  I am learning that if I awake at around 3am then there is no point in shuffling position and trying to get comfortable again.  Going down stairs, getting something to drink and stretching my legs is the thing to do. I return to bed and sleep soundly until 6am when no more sleep is possible.

Today I am scheduled to receive a visit from a specialist nurse to remove the stents (little pipes to help drainage at first) from the stoma.

The nurse is due to call after work so that fact that 5pm has come and gone is not a worry.

7pm. No nurse has arrived

On youtube I watch a late interview with Groucho Marx. This cheers me up. I am a huge fan of the Marx brothers and Groucho in particular seeing the roots of almost all verbal comedy in the movies. It is my gues that any comedian or comedy-actor who takes to the stage or screen owes a debt to Groucho.  Look at Alan Alders ‘Hawkeye’ performance in the MASH TV series and tell me it is not heavily influenced by Grouch.

No nurse has called. This must mean I need to make an early morning phone call to the hospital.  I have no way of knowing if the stent removal is time critical or not. So it is slightly worrying.