Day 68

Overnight, sleep is still difficult with aching muscles and a restless metabolism. It is as though the pattern of night and day has partly broken down and I am awake more at night and sleep more during the day. I guess this will correct itself as time goes by.

Incredibly it is now 2 weeks since my operation. In one sense it seems much longer, yet in many ways it seems like yesterday.

A disaster.  I am lying on the bed having the usual mid morning snooze I feel a warm damp patch on my side. I quickly investigate – the bag has leaked.  Lesley is out so I get out of bed without assistance (I cannot recall just how!))

I can feel a point at the side where the glue has unstuck and allowed some urine out.  There are two immediately possibilities. Either I did not dry that area sufficiently so the glue started to break down or I did not assert enough pressure. Probably because of the continued presence of the little stent pipes.  They should come out tomorrow all being well. I need to work out what the problem is since my who future social wellbeing revolves around a secure and watertight urine bag.

I send an email to work letting them know I am still here and updating them on what is going on. As expected their responses were very encouraging.