Day 67

Last night another nightmare hallucination!  I am trapped in the window of a Victorian Post Office. On my midriff are projected to streams from the internet.  I cannot move because people will lose their news from the outside world.  Admittedly less scary than the previous nightmare it still has entrapment as the central symbol. I awake finally with an effort but can find no references for this nightmare.

I take out a subscription to Premier Sports so I can watch the Pro14 Rugby games. I don’t normally bother with subscription channels as there is so little content I want to see. However, I am prepared to go with this.

Fortunately I get the first month free. AS the Newport Dragons lose at home today to an Italian side while having shown all the errors and problems of last season – I could get my money back! Its not only at night when the nightmares occur! Next week the BeeB is starting TV coverage of the Welsh Rugby Premiership. First game Ebbw Vale vs Aberavon. Bloody hell, talk about a blast from the past.  The game wasn’t often on the telly, though.

Apart from that the day is uneventful with me learning to work around the periods of the worst of the fatigue. The body temperature changes have eased to just being washed over by cold patches.  The uncontrollable shivering has stopped fortunately.

I am still having to inject myself with blood thinner given to me on discharge.  Although the process is very easy and almost painless I still loathe doing it.  Taking a needle and purposely pushing it into my stomach screams against all my natural instincts about self-harm.