Day 63

The night is unpleasant with a burn up at around 1am leaving me in sweat.

Nine weeks since the cancer diagnosis.

Today is the day I need to contact the Hospital to have my drain removed. I have been looking forward to this. I contact my consultants secretary at 9:30am. It goes to voicemail so I leave a message. Time passes and no reply. I feel my energy levels are definitely much lower than the equivalent time on previous days. 11:15. I decide to try the secretary again with the same response as before. 11:30 still no response. All she has to do is arrange that procedure, not carry it out!

I change tactic and call my discharge ward, Ward 22.  An assistant nurse knows nothing about it but promises to sort it out for me.

2pm. The phone rings. It is Craig a Doctor on Ward 33 arranging a time – 3:15 for me to come in and have it sorted. Excellent.

3:15. Coventry Hospital Ward 33.  There is a wait until the resources are available to do the procedure. After 30 mins Nurse Diana does a first rate job on the drain. As it leaves my body there is a curious sensation of me leaving it and feeling a little sick.

Lesley takes me home but I am exhausted and my body temperature is unstable. I am irritable.