DAY 62


OH MY GOD! This is it – the acute fatigue.

The day starts well and Lesley helps me get out of bed. That is a lillte easier.

Just a short walk today close to home, nothing strenuous.

4:15pm.At home and resting on my bed;feeling a little cool despite the warmth of the day. Lesley is heading out and she asks whether I am OK for a few hours.  I say yes and ask whether she feels warm. She says absolutely.  On of the dreaded infections warned about? Its about the right time. – a week after the operation I feel my temperature drop further and I start my shiver. I reach for the only thing within range-my pajama top and drope that over me. Utterly futile I am now shivering violently and uncontrollably

With considerable effort I force myself downstairs, turn the fire on full and gather as many coats as I can to pile on top of me. But I feel no other symptoms, no sore throat, cough or back pain for example.

Finally I start to feel warmer and the violent shivering has started to ease back so that it is noe only washing over me in waves.

But for the rest of the evening I have barely enough energy to literally do anything!