Day 61

I have a disrupted nights sleep’ trying and failing to get comfortable after 3am

Today is the first time a need to change my bag without support being on hand. Scary. Unfortunately the bags are slightly different to the ones I’ve been used to so it takes a while to sort myself out.

I reflect that many maintenance tasks are similar to maintaining an Austin Healey Sprite/MG Midget (old sports cars for any younger readers). To get a proper seal on my bag I need to ensure that the o-ring is properly attached.

Same as with a AH Sprite rear hub seal. I am still using some anti-embolism stockings (for the dangers of embolisms, check out Iain Anderson’s (Jethro Tull front man) who nearly died from one and campaigns for these stockings.

The point is that they are long. thick and tight (like some people of my acquaintance!). I have found a way of levering them on to my legs using my big toe as a pivot. Just like replacing the bump stop on a AH Sprite!

I decide to do a little exercise and walk about 300 yards very slowly to a small brook. It is the sort of distance I walk on a hospital appointment.