Day 60

Note! Since leaving hospital I have been beset by a number of issues. the major one being the acute fatigue which I was repeatedly warned about.  I have some notes but sometimes fatigue prevented even those.  I am thus reconstructing the events as best as I can.

12.05am Coventry Hospital Accident and Emergency Department. A tense worrisome wait for an appointment. My confidence is smashed and I sit in the waiting hall in something close to panic. I cannot think. This is unusual for me to be totally mentally frozen. I hope no-one speaks to me.

The situation started about 10.15pm, yesterday. Friday.  I had just rolled off the bed and noticed that some of my clothes were wet.  On investigation, to my horror I notice that the drain in my belly was leaking. Oh my God, what has happened? I am on all fours and am at a loss. Finally with Lesley’s help I get changed, pack the wound with kitchen roll and in a moment of inspiration yell at Lesley to grab my Stoma materials.

12.45am Coventry Hospital Ward 22. Back again a few hours after I left! A Surgeon examines me, assures me that no damage has been done and suggests a course of action to help me make it to Tuesday when the drain is removed.  He promises to send in a nurse and departs.  The relief is almost overwhelming to me. By sheer luck, a ward nurse I have complete confidence in passes outside the examination room.  She comes in and jokingly demands to know what I am doing back here. I explain, she takes one look at the situation and says no problem.  She takes control and sorts the problem out.  The solution she implements is exactly the same as the one the Specialist Nurse proposed hours earlier.

2am Back home again. Totally exhausted but confidence restored.  Through the actions of one nurse!

I wake after 5 hours and the rest of the day is thankfully uneventful so I mainly sleep.

So the first stark lesson of the importance of events taking their course. A very treacherous small wave!