Day 59 – Still Here!

So I’m back!

The Great Wave has hit and I am rolling with it. There will be any number of smaller waves which could prove just as treacherous by appearing to be less important. Or maybe the Great Wave is hiding a much bigger wave. So nothing is taken for granted.

It goes without saying that the days since Friday ( the operation was on Sunday) have been eventful. But I’m keeping to the plan I outlined at the start by not overburdening the blog with medical minutiae – times and dates of what ward I was on, drugs that were stuck in my arm, innumerable medical procedures. I cannot remember most of them anyway! Morphine.

Instead I’ll go with my impressions and thoughts about my time in hospital. These often focus around Lao Tzu’s philosophy.

I realized that I had not fully appreciated the first part of his question. “Can you deal with…”. Not acquiesce, submit or some fatalistic word. It is the active part of the phrase. It means that you respond to events, which may be in a positive or negative manner.

In my last post I said the bladder removal operation would be the biggest test of letting events take their course. I was wrong! Since the operation news and events have largely been positive, meaning that confidence has soared and I am expecting events to have certain outcomes and progress to be rapid. As a result it is far more difficult to simply deal with events by letting them take their course.

5:30pm. Lesley collects me from the hospital back to the real world.  I am leaving with an extra drain bag which is annoying as Karen the Specialist Nurse had suggested a neater solution based upon a bag which was positively refused by the staff nurse preparing me for discharge..