Day 50

9:00am Friends Blood Taking Unit, St Cross Hospital, Rugby.

The traffic getting here was lighter than expected so I arrive early.  This means that I would have been better off not booking an appointment as I have to wait until 9:10!  It occurs to me that my attitude since I was last here has changed. In many ways I am less worried. An irony. I know that the second operation is scheduled for next week and there is no going back. In brutal terms it’s the operation or die soon.

I am called next. Having handed in a sample of urine already, the phlebotomy assistant extracts 5 rather than 4 phials of blood. A record. surely.  Three go to the hospital ahead of the operation and two go to the Genomic Research Group. For some reason I have to despatch the Genomics samples myself. Strange, but I was provided with the return packaging when I met Rebecca last week.

I am feeling very well so I stay on at work to finish some tasks, partly to make up for my late arrival and partly because I am enjoying the job!