Day 47

A morning walk.  I decide to go to Lawford ford to see the height of the water.

I recall the walk along this route I made a few weeks ago in much hotter weather. I start to wonder where I’ll be in a few weeks’ time. I turn my attention to my walk and focus on the wind in the upper layers of the trees. What a beautiful sound. What a horrible place this would be without trees. About the time of my original diagnosis I was out

The water level is now part way up the ramp……

walking and realised that being outside was so important. The feeling of not being enclosed and isolated. Whatever the coming weeks bring I will try to spend at least part of the day in the fresh air.

The River Avon (yep – the one which eventually goes through Stratford) is surprisingly high. The water level be at least half a metre higher than when I was here some weeks ago.  I guess

….and I stood on dry land here a few weeks ago!

much of the recent heavy rain has just washed off the surface straight into the river rather than soaking into the ground.

We travel out to meet Andrew and Sharon at the Princethorpe campsite. Friends Phil and Alison had arrived a few minutes before us.  What a lovely few hours surrounded by family and friends. The conversation is easy and lively, often focussing around Pippin the Springer Spaniel. Sadly, Phil and Alison have to leave after an all too short couple of hours. The time has just flown by. I again reflect on why it is that it takes events such as the one I am experiencing to bring people together.

We have Pizza for tea and the evening is drier and starts to warm up a little. No But Giomes tonight! It is a very happy time of my life.