Day 46

The day starts fine and dry so I pop into Rugby before going for a jog and mowing the lawns. Unfortunately the weather does not last and spots of rain are starting to fall by 4 o’clock.

A letter arrives from the hospital.  My pre-operation assessment is on Friday morning at Rugby St Cross Hospital at 10am. Another step closer! Before then I need a load of urine and blood tests. So much blood in fact that, as Tony Hancock might have said. ‘its very near an armful’! Tony Hancock. How retro!

I prepare the wood that will provide the legs for my little railway.  Even though more work is required to secure them it is already apparent that the setup will be unstable.  Time for a rethink and I devise a new plan using hinges. Not quite as neat but maybe more practical.

Andrew and Sharon announce their arrival at the Princethorpe campsite by Messenger at about 3:30pm.  We head out at 6pm via Cawston Fish and Chip Bar to pick up dinner. It rains heavily and we are trapped inside the awning for the evening. But we are in good spirits despite a leaky tent roof. Spoonerisms briefly take over with my brother saying ‘But Ginome’ instead of ‘Gut Binome’. In our state of mind the idea of a But Ginome is hilarious. We will not let him live this down.

I reflect on the benefits my blog has brought me, quite apart from the therapeutic value. The medical staff caring for me are able to assess my mental well-being. Also my friends, family and colleagues know where I am and so can avoid the awkward start when meeting up.  They can pick up an issue they have read or ask me about a part of my experience.  That way the conversation gets off to a positive start.  I must start to think about gathering these experiences together in an article.