Day 45

Today I feel better though my eyes feel a little irritable. The bad taste in my mouth is still there but not as strong. During lunchtime I pop up to the supermarket close to where I work to pick up a few things for tomorrow. I am looking forward to spending a chunk of the weekend with Andrew and Sharon. Annoyingly it starts to rain heavily again and I am completely unprepared with no coat or umbrella. His shows just how unusual this summer has been! I take the car to the supermarket rather than enjoying the usual walk.

Late in the afternoon my boss Steve appears in the Office for a quick catch up.  He invites us to the pub across the road for a chat.  Mindful of the things I need to do tonight, including fixing a broken bath tap I at first decline.  Then I think what am I saying? Have I learned nothing?  Humans before broken taps!!

I join Steve, Ash and Caroline for a lovely hour. I hear Steve’s plans for the future and a restructured company. I completely agree with his analysis. Technology changes rapidly and our engagement with is is constantly throwing up new and surprising opportunities.  I just hope I can be part of these plans. The danger of departing from the one day at a time ethos. So many temptations!

At home I finally get to look at the bath tap.  I have the wrong type of spare to repair it so it will have to wait until the weekend in any case!