Day 44

Some practical issues start occurring to me such as how I pay my credit card bill and my car MOT will expire while I am laid up. In amongst all the medical stuff are the practical considerations. Just how do you prepare for a possible 3 months incapacity? I send an email to my boss Steve to update him with yesterday’s news.

I feel a little odd today, a funny taste in my mouth and a little fatigued. I have felt this way before. But the temperature is way cooler than the last few weeks and I am grateful for it.

I finally get the email off to inform people of the Rugby Green Party Annual General Meeting. With a proposed new constitution and a Strategy Document I am glad it is out of the way. With the knowledge that I will be able to play little or no part in Party activities over the coming months it is difficult to keep doing the coordinator job.  Starting new activities this close to the operation is impossible in any case.

Now here is a unique event for this summer. I’m out for an evening bike ride when it starts to rain before I even reach the end of the road. Large drops, too.

It is a strange time.  Since the operation to remove the surface tumor I have felt increasingly better. It now seems odd that as I feel well that I need the major operation to remove my bladder. Almost as if there is some mistake.