Day 44

Some practical issues start occurring to me such as how I pay my credit card bill and my car MOT will expire while I am laid up. In amongst all the medical stuff are the practical considerations. Just how do you prepare for a possible 3 months incapacity? I send an email to my boss Steve to update him with yesterday’s news.

I feel a little odd today, a funny taste in my mouth and a little fatigued. I have felt this way before. But the temperature is way cooler than the last few weeks and I am grateful for it.

I finally get the email off to inform people of the Rugby Green Party Annual General Meeting. With a proposed new constitution and a Strategy Document I am glad it is out of the way. With the knowledge that I will be able to play little or no part in Party activities over the coming months it is difficult to keep doing the coordinator job.  Starting new activities this close to the operation is impossible in any case.

Now here is a unique event for this summer. I’m out for an evening bike ride when it starts to rain before I even reach the end of the road. Large drops, too.

It is a strange time.  Since the operation to remove the surface tumor I have felt increasingly better. It now seems odd that as I feel well that I need the major operation to remove my bladder. Almost as if there is some mistake.

Day 43

9:30am. Ward 33, Urology; Coventry Hospital. The first of three medical appointments today.  This one is with Lorraine a member of the specialist nursing team.  She takes me through the practicalities of what to expect living with a stoma.  Like her colleagues she is professional, reassuring and helpful. I feel happier. The support I can expect is very welcome.

2:45pm Clinical Area 4. A meeting with Rebecca of the Genomics Research Group. She outlines the work of the group and the sort of research it does and information it can provide. Apparently they need to process 3 billion pieces of information just for me! That should keep a computer busy for a little while. One possibility is to forewarn me of potential medical problems before they arise. After the conversation I realise that I have seen a tiny glimpse of the future – someday everyone will have a genetic analysis with the possibility of preventative care. Wow!

3:00pm Appointment with Mr Sriram, Consultant along with Lorraine. No nasties from the scans, apart from one which will be dealt with by the surgery anyway. I mention my blog and a note is made.  If you are reading this guys (and anyone else from the Urology Team), then I’m really pleased to have you along and I appreciate what you are doing to help me. A profound Thank You! A date is set for the surgery – 23rd August.  In two short weeks. I’m struggling a little Mr Tzu. Help me focus on today!

In the evening Lesley goes out to a meeting. I play a CD – Nuit Blanche by the Tarkovsky Quartet consisting of piano, cello, accordion and soprano saxophone.  The music is more fluid, much closer to the forms I would normally play.