Day 42

Six weeks since my cancer diagnosis. Back at work. I find that my book on the Tredegar Iron and Coal Company has arrived, A day early again. Good for efficiency, but it makes reception planning difficult.

It occurs to me that much of my time is involved with things from my past, often from my hometown. Even Elis James Feast of Football falls into that category with its familiar accents. Add in watching some of the videos from my old art teacher PJ, historical books from Tredegar and so on. I think I understand, an unconscious need at this moment to get back to times and places where I felt safe and secure.

I arrive home and get a nasty surprise.  Walking around to the passenger side of my car I find somebody has put a small dent in the panel below the rear side window.

A bad mood, now. Some post has arrived.  One letter calls me for a 9:30am appointment with the urology specialist nurses at Coventry. With a 2:30 Consultants appointment and a meeting with Rebecca of the Genomics Research Group, so much for travelling in to work.  Another of those weeks when appointments suddenly and unexpectedly stack up. Good job I can work from home, so no problem.

Yesterday my brother messaged to confirm that he and Sharon will be spending the weekend at Princethorpe campsite. Yippee. Hopefully some friends can join us for a happy weekend. This may well be the last before the surgery if it goes to schedule.