Day 40

A very quiet day. And a lovely one here in Consett.Photo 05-08-2018, 13 23 13

The only activity is Lesley driving me over to Chester-le-Street to a Nationwide Building Society cashpoint so I can pay a credit card bill.

For a few days now I have been looking at some videos by Peter Morgan Jones of Tredegar. I discovered them quite by accident and his face seemed familiar. I suddenly realised that he was almost certainly my old art teacher from 40 years ago.  But inevitably the years had changed him. Could it be PJ? I did some more research and discovered that yes, it was! He has spent a lot of time making videos, some for the BBC. His final one was finished only last year. But, alas, he passed away before seeing it broadcast. He was showered with tributes and was regarded with almost universal respect and affection.  Something I can identify with as one of my favourite teachers. Here is his lovely documentary film about Nye Bevan’s Tredegar.

I think about death and the possibility of reincarnation.  Despite being a humanist this is not as bizarre as it sounds.  If we forget the idea of a soul and accept that it is a figment of the way our brain works then a sense of self could be understood as a particular arrangement of atoms and molecules.  There are now any number of theories which rely on the concept of infinity in terms of the number of universes. If I’m wrong, well there is nothing lost!!!

I turn my mind to the electrics of my little railway – almost as mind bending!