Day 37

Leaving work early today to travel to my mother in law.

In work and during a late morning break I make an impulse buy. Now being out of production, I buy a nice 2nd hand model of an LNWR G2a Super D steam locomotive of the type that plied its trade in the Sirhowy Valley through Tredegar. But it’ll probably not fit on my little layout.

Travelling home I stop off at the surgery to pick up a prescription and get it filled. Some eyedrops. There was a time not so long ago when this was my biggest problem!

My old phone rings about 4.30 but the battery dies before I am able to answer it. Putting a little charge in I wake the phone up and check the missed calls. Number withheld. I feel a little uneasy but there is nothing to be done. Until….10 mins later a missed call courtesy text to my phone reveals the number to originate from Coventry. Unease grows. I return the call but get a number disconnected tone. Strange. I check the number on the internet and it is recorded as belonging to Coventry Hospital Renal Unit. Wow! What to do?

It is a short while before logic takes over. Checking current hospital numbers they all start 02476 96. The last 2 digits are wrong and it appears I have been called using an archaic number. Moreover, the time of the call is also unusual. Finally the last 2 scans were ordered by my consultant who I am seeing on Wednesday anyway. Never has the prospect of a scam call seemed so comforting! ‘Forget the Rules’ indeed.

We set off late to my mother in law in Co Durham. It is a tedious motorway journey blighted by accidents and traffic jams. Lesley is driving so I can doze. We arrive to find the landline is dead and consequently there is no internet access. Who needs it anyway!