Day 36

A momentous day of sorts. It is the 1st August which means later this month if all goes well I’ll have the operation which changes my life for ever. The changing of the month is the time when my adherence to Lao Tzu’s living in the moment advice is hardest. I find the temptation to look back at the previous month and, worse, forward to the end of the new month is very strong.

A 4pm conference call with an important partner who is causing my company serious problems was not welcome. Fortunately I keep it on a technical level and so it only lasts 15 minutes.

I complete a product update plan for this month and head off home, stopping off on the way to pick up a few things from the shops. I get my bike out and going out for a ride and feel much better. Bike riding, however affords less opportunity to stop and chat with fellow villagers. No waste pipe talk this evening.

This is it. I decide to make a start with soldering. Deep breath. I have been watching some youtube instructional videos on soldering.  Why do Americans ignore the ‘l’ and say ‘soddering’ all the time. Same with ‘Aluminium’ I guess. I take some advice and protect my new soldering iron with a coating of solder, or ‘tinning’ as the experts call it.  That done I plan on making a start on soldering proper. I pick up a small length of wire and discover my pliers are magnetic and won’t release the wire! Now that was a totally unexpected problem!