Day 35

Five weeks since my cancer diagnosis.

Another working day. I spot a massive error on our test system during Quality Assurance and fix the issue. I update the live servers and all is well. I wonder if I’ll be doing this next month?  I briefly wonder what, if anything, I will be doing next month. I am feeling irritable for some reason. It is an irony that the tempo at work is increasing and may reach a head at exactly the moment when I will be taken out of the game. The specialist nurse warned me that this will be a big mental issue. Letting go. Lao Tzu would heartily agree with the nurse. In many ways this is one of the biggest learning experiences of my life.

My new soldering iron arrives this morning. Impressive delivery! No excuse, now. I can get soldering. Oh dear!

I need to get on and make arrangements for Rugby Green Party’s AGM. The date, time and venue is all arranged. I have a proposed new constitution and a strategy for the coming year. I want to hand the party over to the new coordinator in good shape – whoever he or she may be.

No sudden phone calls or letters from the hospital. A relief.

Reading my copy of the Narrow Margin in the evening some extraordinary facts emerge. For example in 1938 the backbone of Britain’s air defence was the Gloster Gladiator, a hopelessly outclassed biplane with a radial engine! The new Hawker Hurricane must have been a bit of a shock not to mention the soon to be introduced Spitfire!!