Day 34

A day at work. I need to move quickly. I have lost track of time and tomorrow is the last day of the month – online product update day. I get some updates completed and the finished article ready for uploading to our test webserver ahead of a quick Q/A and go-live tomorrow. During lunchtime I decide that I am going to bite the bullet and learn to solder. A new skill to master. The little railway demands it! But I am sure I have some equipment somewhere at home,

Home again. I go for a jog. A little longer this time (just!), about ¾ of a mile. I am out of breath. Good!

Washed and changed I spot Brandi the Cat sleeping among some clothes on my bed. She is so peaceful and relaxed, almost as if time has stopped. It is difficult to reconcile with the disease inside my body which will end my life unless terminated quickly. The external and internal realities present a stark contrast.

I hunt for the soldering equipment.  I find a tiny 12v iron long past its best and, at the other extreme, a huge 70w behemoth with which I could solder Blackpool Tower!!  I need some appropriate gear so I order a new soldering iron and solder from RS Components of Corby.

I listen to some Gesualdo motets. Music for meditation and contemplation rather than easy resolution. Bach, Feldman, Radiophonic Workshop, Handel, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Gesualdo, etc, etc…..musical life is never boring. That’s before I start on John Cooper Clarke, the Bard of Salford and Poet of Punk (souls of a sensitive disposition, beware)!