Day 32

This morning I feel awful. I am seriously fatigued and my muscles are stiff and ache.  I lie in bed until about 10:30. I have breakfast and decide to try and work it off by going for a bike ride. It helps and the muscles loosen a little.

A parcel arrives; a long tube. Some track I’ve ordered for my little railway. Next I travel over to B and Q in Coventry to pick up some cork for the surface. Its coming together.

Later, a letter arrives from the hospital. My next appointment is on 8th August, nearly two weeks away. I am conflicted. One part of me realises that the quicker the disease is eliminated the better.  Yet after this trying week another part of me longs for a brief respite to catch my breath. A fortnight is a good compromise.

I start to feel better and decide to do a little work, developing some more learning objects for our next product. I am still struggling with the focus of my eyes. Could it still be the treatment or the dryness of the surface of the eye?

More music. This time a late night documentary on BBC4 about the development of psychedelic rock in Britain. It conflates Hippies, the Summer of Love, the Counterculture and the Underground movement a little too much for my liking. Although some of the elements overlapped they were sometimes at odds.  But a fascinating era when all sorts of things coalesced. I particularly liked the Pink Floyd and Soft Machine clips. Love Soft Machine, especially when they evolved into an experimental jazz-rock outfit with the terrific Elton Dean on saxophone.