Day 31

I awake. It is peaceful and I am not in pain.

I make friends with Brandi the Cat who bears no grudge against my apparent rejection of her last night.

I go to work and put in a steady effort. Nevertheless, anything out of the ordinary taxes me, which means my stamina is down. At least this morning I can enjoy a cup of tea, There is a light shower but not enough to relieve the heat which climbs to 30c again.

On the way home I stop off at the surgery and drop off a prescription. I get home and slump in the chair, completely drained.  The week has been stressful.

I had indeed ordered another book on the Battle of Britain, the Narrow Margin on which the 1969 film was based. It arrives today. This history is fascinating. As usual with history the facts are rather different to the popular history of public consciousness. I appears almost that the Germans fought the battle from a totally inappropriate strategic position!

Later on BBC4 there is a treat in the form of the Pioneers of Sound electronic/orchestral prom. Two of my favourite musicians, Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram are featured alongside more contemporary artists.  For the first time since my diagnosis I am happy to go with some overt experimentalism. I love it. But I wish I had been in the audience for Still Point, As a site specific piece, whose site happens to be the Albert Hall itself, you would really need to be right in the middle of it rather than listening through a flat set of TV speakers.

I drag myself to bed.