Day 30

8:40am The last time I can eat or drink anything apart from water until after the scan.

I go to work and get through the morning without my usual tea. It is a good morning and I get much done. Maybe it’s the lack of tea!

3pm at Coventry Hospital’s Department of Nuclear Medicine. Wow, impressive. I am there for my PET scan. My details are taken and I am fitted with a canula. I am wondering whether to have a canula permanently embedded in my body!! A direct line into my bloodstream. That would make even the most impressive of tattoo’s seem wimpish!

A radiographer injects me with a radioactive substance and I have to lie down quietly for an hour while it circulates. The drink I need to sip while resting is disgusting, best described as rotting aniseed. Urghh. I am taken to the scanning room and the process is begun.  The machine is like the one at Rugby, though this one is worth £750,000! This time the procedure takes 25 minutes and lying with my arms above my head is tiring for that length of time.

The canula is removed, I am discharged and we travel home. I decide that I desperately need some exercise so I go out for a short jog. Again the heat is oppressive and I am quickly back home to do some stretches. Some rain and cooler weather is promised for tomorrow. Bring it on.

I am radioactive for the rest of the evening! As she is small I spend the evening avoiding contact with the aat.  She is confused and a little put out as to why I am rejecting her. Not pleasant.