Day 28

Four weeks since my diagnosis. Unimaginable. So much has happened.

Another CT scan.  I go to work until about 1:30pm when I set off for home.

Arriving home another hospital letter awaits me. Yet another scan, this time a PET scan in Coventry. The relentless nature of the tests and scans depresses my mood. But this one I have to confirm early. Apparently I need an injection of a radioactive drug for the scan to work. Another scary event in a whole series of scary events. I cannot be sure of how I will react physically to any of these scans so the mother-in-law visit is immediately in jeopardy. But I won’t know until after the scan

First things first and I need to get today’s scan over. This time the process is a little more relaxed and informal. But the routine of warmth inducing drug, moving bed and deep breathing is repeated.

Lesley takes me home. My mood is still depressed and reflective.  I go out for a bike ride around the village. The sensation starts to lighten the mood.  When I get back I decide to start sawing up the wood and begin construction of my model. My intuition proves correct. I am absorbed in sawing, drilling and screwing together the wood. I am feeling happier – creativity to the rescue. The next scan is not until Thursday and that is in the future and cannot be changed – facilitating Lao Tzu from a creative act!

Another warm night and it is forecast to get even warmer.