Day 27

Back at my desk in work this morning. I wasn’t looking forward to this, but people  leave me alone in the main. Those that do want to talk about work matters which suits me just fine. I work slowly but consistently and I find I am not tiring. I am glad I did at least a modicum of exercise and activity while I was off. Ashley is already in when I arrive and we start to exchange jokes and information in a kind of shorthand manner that only colleagues who have shared an office for a while can do.  I feel a kind of comfort in being back into the formal activity of a workplace.

Feeling well I continue working until 6 o’clock. Some colleagues tell me to work as I feel able, but it seems they want that to be shorter rather than longer! The idea that I feel OK to carry on well into the afternoon messes with their preconception of what I am experiencing. On other days they may well be correct! The only problem I encounter is with my eyes, but I put that down to the heat drying them out quickly and altering the focus. I have eye drops so use them.

Phil calls around one o’clock and we chat about things such as meeting up sometime soon. Not next weekend, though, as we have promised to visit my mother-in-law.

On my way home I stop off at a local DIY store and buy a small amount of Plywood and some battens. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, but hey, the internet is awash with people telling you how to build a model railway! Apparently Pete Waterman has a huge model railway. Proceeds I guess from a life pumping out superficial industrial pop music.

I get home, put away the wood and get some garden refuse into the bin for the morning. Now I really do start to feel tired and jaded.