Day 26

I awake early. The heat is intensifying once again and it is not pleasant.  I decide to go out for a jog before it gets too stifling. Getting the heart rate going for a short while is invigorating.

My car needs to be taken out for a drive as it has not been started for 10 days. Needing some things from a DIY store I travel around ones in Rugby and Coventry to get exactly what I want.

I have a need to work on something, to have a project which I creative – the need to be creative again. I have come across a video where someone is building a model of a coal mine. A model railway – that takes me back decades.

It seems very attractive to me – some practical skills, some planning required and a lot of creativity in making things. I start to think things over but I am learning to trust instincts. Plus it has the great advantage that there is no one to place deadlines or judge what I do.  I am starting to feel like the guy in Close Encounters who feels a great compulsion to build a model of a mountain out of anything, including mashed potato!! But what the hell.

I do some gardening and dig out some pervasive weeds including the ever present brambles.

Lesley wants to see if we can schedule a visit to my mother-in-law next weekend.  I’ll give it a go.

I am still reading this damned book about the narcissicists from the 1960s. Can’t figure out why I keep on with it. Coincidentally the John le Carre novel is also set in the 60s presenting a different image of demonstrations and social unrest.