Day 25

I am feeling better, though a strange pattern has arisen where urinating becomes more difficult as the day progresses. As the antibiotics start to take effect I guess it is something to do with the operation itself.

I doze peacefully and lay in bed until around midday – something unthinkable in normal times. I am roused by a parcel.  It is a small hamper of goodies from my colleagues at work. More kindness which raises my spirits.

Out for a walk, the usual 30 minute round trip to the ford at Little Lawford and back. There are some other people there but they go quickly and I linger a while. I walk back and there is a lovely breeze. I feel I can breathe for the first time in a while. I need to build some stamina.

I manage to get some work done.  It is nice to feel that I am making a contribution again.

Not having driven for 10 days and following the operation I want to ensure that I am up to the task.  Conveniently, Lesley is a driving instructor so we go out and I do a few emergency stops in her dual control school car. Everything seems OK and she passes me fit to drive. I wonder if other road users feel the same way?!

I had indeed ordered the 1969 move  The Battle of Britain. I watch that in the evening. What is it about Second World war aerial combat tactics which is so enthralling my mind at present. There must be a deeper meaning – or maybe not!! The L’Arpeggiata improvisations on Handel also arrive.

I finish the last episode of Children of the Stones. No naff monster, loads of loose ends and unanswered questions. That’s life. I’m glad they didn’t cop out!