Day 21

I have a difficult night’s sleep with no real rest. I awake early and feel tired. Some challenges today.

Three weeks since the diagnosis. It feels an eternity. So much has passed – sometimes painfully!

The day starts well.  I have everything on my laptop I need to start work. I am feeling more positive and stronger. I start with some video processing.  After a couple of hours the display becomes random and finally dies. I get dispirited and tire quickly. No stamina

Following the computer problems I start to feel some discomfort.  Not the peeing glass kind but one I was familiar with 10 days ago. Infection? Not again. This is getting tedious.

During the afternoon it gets worse. Urinating feels like trying to piss the Atlantic Ocean through a peashooter. What little comes out has the consistency of the product of a Herefordshire Scrumpy farm and burns like a most potent shot from Big Chief Sitting Bull’s bottle of firewater!

7:30. In a little discomfort I am at Rugby Green Party’s monthly meeting. Surprisingly it is my first time in public since my operation.

I am Chair and Coordinator and procedure needs to be followed to divest myself of these roles ahead of a difficult few months. Tonight I transfer the position of Chair and announce that at next month’s AGM I will stand down as Coordinator. The business of the meeting transacted I am looking forward to going home. Alas someone decides to give a meandering account of a meeting they had attended. At last I can call a halt at 9:30pm and Lesley drives me home. The dark thought that I am starting the withdrawal from life is moved along – OK Lao Tzu, I’ve got this one covered!