Day 19

A truly awful night with almost no sleep.  The temperature is ridiculously high. I move around the house but fail to get comfortable. There is no discernible difference between being in bed and being up so at some point I arbitrarily decide to have a shave to impose a distinction.

Lesley hauls the lawn mower out of the shed for me as I am not supposed to be lifting heavy weights. Relying on other people. Wisely, the specialist nurse forewarned me that this will be one of the most difficult things to accept. It is clear that I have options as I go forward. But each option will inevitably mean that I need to allow others to take charge of areas of my life.

I mow grass.  The heat is unbearable. I return indoors and slump in a chair. The medics warned me that fatigue is the biggest obstacle and, boy, are they right!

I watch the World Cup Final. France win and I make a profit.  I have beaten the bookies. Yes!

A parcel arrives through the letterbox. Must be a mistake – I haven’t ordered anything. Puzzled I open it and it is a DVD of the old cult children’s series ‘Children of the Stones’. Light starts to dawn and I examine the slip. It is from my good friend, Phil.  What a lovely gesture! Something to look forward to. I make a thank you call.

Slowly the peeing glass effect starts to fade, but urinating is still uncomfortable.