Day 18

I awake. It is peaceful and I am not in pain.  The words have more meaning now.

I get up to a lazy shave and breakfast. Whew!! That is enough for the morning. On Wednesday my new Lauttern Compagney CD (Timeless) of music arrived. Once again it was an intriguing mix of baroque and contemporary – Tarquinio Merula and Philip Glass. I put it on and reflect on the irony. Today will be a day of two types of glass – Peeing and Philip!! I am developing a glass obsession!

This CD is different.  The baroque Merula is more freely interpreted, but of course the minimalist Glass is tightly structured so the order I desire at the moment is restored. Around midday I am looking for some tasks which will get me moving but not be arduous. I decide to do some routine checks on my car, oil, tyres etc despite the fact that I won’t be using it for a few days. Then I check out my bike. That’s enough for the moment.

Lesley comes home. She drives me to a betting shop and a cheese shop. Remember my bet on Uruguay when I first got the cancer diagnosis – the only logical thought of the day?  This is the final result – a hedge bet on Croatia to win the world cup and I am guaranteed not to lose. I am not a natural gambler – the reason I do this is the challenge – is my system better than the betting shop? It is an intellectual challenge with the money staked a token of belief. But the thrill of winning is undeniable! I wonder what Lao Tzu would have made of it? I guess the sense of attachment to an external event would bother him.

Aside from that we buy cheese.

We go back home.  It is mid afternoon and I feel wrecked. Urinating is still like peeing glass – the specialist nurse said expect it to last 48 hrs.