Day 14

1:04pm. The Surgeon’s office, Coventry Hospital. Lesley is with me. From now on she wants to know exactly what I know. I understand this, it is as much her issue as mine in a way. The surgeon is relaxed, friendly but businesslike and honest which inspires confidence. He goes through all the possibilities and dangers of the procedure including the dire ones of heart attack, severe bleed, etc. I sign some forms. He wants more blood and urine samples. I would say this is taking the piss, but I’ve overextended that lame joke already. I am quiet on the way back home, pondering the words of the surgeon.

2:15pm in Rugby St Cross Blood (and Urine as I find out) taking unit. I cannot get an appointment so I wait, fortunately not long. Unlike the surgeon the Haematology Assistant does not inspire confidence. I have a suspicion that the test the Hospital wants is already one which I have had done. The Assistant gets my name slightly wrong and my birthdate completely wrong. JUST FOCUS. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME. This is the first healthcare professional for a long time I feel unable to chat to. I fall back on basic politeness a simple ‘Thank You’.

I realise that yesterday I mistakenly typed in Day 14. How could I make this mistake when today is Tuesday, exactly 2 weeks after my diagnosis!! Is this thing affecting my brain, now? If you are wondering, it is corrected and you are not reading 2 Day 14 posts. More importantly, if you are reading my blog in sequence, it is lovely that you are still with me.