Day 12

I go for a walk to the ford about a mile away. I am aware that I need exercise. At the ford is a family with lots of children, They pointedly ignore me but the noise and activity are an irritation to my reflective mind and so I set off home.  I find more comfort in motion anyway so it is not a great loss.

A little discomfort and blood.  Hope the infection is not returning.  I have antibiotics left.

I put some more washing in the machine expecting that I may need some spare clothes soon. I am getting ready.

I finish a John Le Carre novel, A Most Wanted Man. I am a fan of Le Carre and have read much of his stuff.  I will look around for a gem I have yet to unearth. To counter my earlier idea that I need creative subjects I am also working my way through Alfred Price’s The Hardest Day. It is the story of a single day, the 18 August 1940 when both Britain and Germany suffered the heaviest losses in the Battle of Britain. It is told from the perspective of both sides and the continuous action (meticulously researched) covers the attacks on Kenley and Biggen Hill amongst others.  The style is compelling – what will happen in the next minute? – a tale as gripping as any fiction I have read.

But it is a book about war, have I turned rogue? Have I gone all-in Trump? Will I start threatening the dictators of the world with nuclear war? I’ll probably give it a miss and listen to some more Piazzolla instead.

Brandi the Cat is snoring gently on the sofa beside me.