Day 11

Saturday. I got out for a very short run. With the heat it really is short – only 5 minutes and I head home to the shade.

I popped into Rugby to do a few jobs. The heat is still oppressive. I got back home and struggled for the rest of the day.

I am listening to the new Biber and Piazzolla CD (called Misterio) from the string group Lauttern Compagney.  I am unfamiliar with the Biber so have little to base a judgement save the fact that I am keen to hear more.  I am on much firmer ground with Piazzolla, actually having played a few pieces from his Histoire du Tango. Café 1930 from Histoire is on the CD and I have performed this on soprano sax accompanied by guitar – a terrific combination.

I find the Lauttern version a little over ornamented so that the clarity of Piazzolla’s lovely lines are lost, especially as the ornamentations often occur at the start of a phrase. Other Piazzolla pieces on the CD are much better and I really love the use of a lute. Oblivion is great. I love the idea of the collection, that Piazzolla’s passionate and melancholy tango pieces have as much to say about the human condition as devotional Baroque religious pieces.

In the spirit of experimentation I mix myself a rum and ginger beer. It tastes good!! What a wild guy I am, I bet Joe Boyd would be impressed. The only downside is that its cloudy brownish appearance reminds me too much of another bodily fluid during this past week!! Yuk – but the antibiotics are working so I can expect less ginger beer shortly. ‘Less ginger beer is taking the piss’ – I could have titled my blog that!!