Day 6

A day of delight and pain. In the morning I order a CD of works by Tango master Astor Piazzolla and baroque composer Heinrich Biber for string quartet. An odd combination, but from the sample, it seems to work. I love Piazzolla with his aching melancholy, but like Bach it has to be played with utmost sensitivity, not bashed out for a dancing programme! I look forward to the Biber. Structure again!

We travel down to the campsite for a last afternoon and evening with Andrew and Sharon.  We take Pippin the dog out for a long walk in the woods which surround Ryton Pools. We accidentally wander off map and get lost. At first it doesn’t bother me but I am increasingly uncomfortable. Finally we use our phones and navigate back to the Park buildings. I am in pain and will visit the GP in the morning.  My discomfort eases a little and we eat burgers for tea followed by the most wonderful Banana Rum. I am half tempted to simply use this to treat the cancer!!!

Then we need to leave and a very emotional farewell. I have wonderful and supportive friends but there is nothing quite like the communication you have with a person sharing a background stretching back 50 years! But I realise at that moment that support is like a crystal with each person reflecting a different facet which you need in turn.

I find myself thinking dark thoughts of the future. I take the advice of Lao Tzu and with an effort bring my focus back to the moment. The night heat is unpleasant.