Days 4 & 5

A two day post. I hadn’t really thought about whether I would post every day. Like everything else with this blog I’ll see how it goes.

Yippee!! My brother and his partner travel up to a nearby campsite!!  They are staying for a few days so Lesley and myself travel out so be with them for the afternoon and evening. We have a cat, they have a dog so staying with us at short notice was tricky. But it is wonderful, the campsite is located in a peaceful shady glade. Meeting is an emotional experience. We talk. Eat fish and chips and drink white wine and cider. My spirits lift.

The only blot is that the discomfort following the endoscopy seems to recur during the day.

Sunday morning and I go for a jog.  Not far, only a mile with some stretching exercises to follow. I feel better. I need to think about my overall physical well-being. It is not helped by…..

Sunday afternoon and evening at the campsite. We have a varied diet – pizza with red wine and beer/ginger beer shandy (suggested to me by fellow Green Party member Alex at Levellers Day)!!! I wonder why it takes news such as mine before we start to do simple things like this.

I read the Tao Te Ching regularly.  I don’t know whether Lao Tzu was a single individual, an amalgam of different people or an approach to life which developed over time. He may be like King Alfred or Robin Hood, an archetype. Whatever, it is a wonderful book.

I am listening to music which is very structured; the Bach I mentioned in earlier posts, other Baroque composers, Ravel in the 20th Century.  I am finding it difficult to listen to my huge collection of Free Jazz, improvised and experimental music. It is as though with my external life being so uncertain, my inner life turns to order. Previously my life was ordered allowing the exploration of strange and sometimes chaotic musical landscapes.

More messages arrive from friends, more love, more support. That in itself is a little overwhelming.