Day 2

I wake early again and I think ‘it is peaceful and I am in no pain’. This is a blessing to be enjoyed whatever the future brings.

A painful day as I think I had contracted an infection from the Day 0 tests – something that happens quite often apparently. I am passing blood and am sore.  It starts to ease in the evening. Come to think of it I was a little feverish and light headed yesterday evening.

I am alone at work as my colleague is out of the office. Strangely, my being alone bothers my colleagues in other rooms more than me! I have a long and enjoyable chat with my boss, Steve. I realize that I would not be going into hospital this week.

I have been trying to contact my brother – he is probably away in an area with no mobile signal. I feel a real need to talk with him, now. I start sending out emails to my friends. My friend Phil calls. It is lovely to hear from him – a fellow Welshman  and musician offering  support whenever I need it.

Emailing though is depressing and I can only spend so long each day in the task. It does not unduly worry me, I’m not a news service.

I watch more football.

I finally set up my blog and start writing. Deciding on a name and a tagline for my blog takes a while.  Finally inspiration comes from a piece if experimental music on the Late Junction radio show. I search for the tagline and remember that I haven’t read the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu for ages. It is a favorite of mine, full of profound wisdom.  I find something appropriate but it will be a constant companion from now on.